Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3 Years above Exprience question in DotNet

Question Paper For Exp People

Hi All Once Again, Good Morning, I got Good  Link about DotNet As well as Sql Server Question, Please Go through that if you have any dought please send me the mail.

This Question From My side this is only for TCS

1)    Tell me about u r self?
2) page life cycle? Explain briefly?
3) page events?
4)    How iis recognize that which web application we are
5)    How iis recognize that web application is developed in
which language?
6)    How iis will use authentication?
7)    Is it pages will compile in server?
8)    In server pages will compile or execute?
9)     What is diff between compile and execute?
10)    What is appdomain?
11)    What is aspnet_issapi.dll?
12)    What is aspnet_wp.exe?
13)    What is application?
14)     What is view state?
15)    Why we use view state?
16)    What are the validation controls? Explain the use of
validation controls?
17)    Validation controls are client side or server side?
18)    How to make raise JavaScript at the page is displaying?
 (which page event will use eg: page_load) ?
19)    What is session?
20)    Is it necessary to create session object? (ans :no) 
21)    What is application object?
22)    Diff between session and application object?
23)    When application object will create?
24)    When session object will create? (ans : when user login)
25)    Where u will store connection string?
26)    What is appsettings?
27)    How can i register my assembly in gac?
28)    What is strong name?
29)    How to generate strong name?
30)    How to register strong name with my class library?
31)    Can i register my assembly in gac with out strong name?
32)    What is dataset?
33)    Diff between dataset and datareder?
34)    How can we made changes in database? (ans: da.update())
35)    One user changed one record in dataset and updated in
database but at same time another user also changed the same
record in his dataset and try nto update in database so is
the change is accepted in database or rejected? (ans; he
said no)
36)    Where dataset will store?
37)    What is heap memory?
38)    What is stack memory?
39)    When heap memory will create?
40)    When stack memory will create?
41)    If heap memory is full what happens? (how much memory it
extends? Or it uses the stack memory)
42)    If stack memory also full what happen?
43)    What is constructor?
44)    Why we use constructor?
45)    What is destructor?
46)    Why we use destructor?
47)    Garbage collector?
48)    What is dispose?
49)    What is finalize?
50)    How to remove the object reference?(ans : passing null
51)    What is final key word? (try catch final)
52)    What is autopostback?
53)    What is dataview? Usage?
54)    What is caching?
55)    How to expire my cache? ( ans : using duration in page
56)    Types of caching?
57)    If i store cache in server the server will over load
because of cache objects so how can i prevent that? (ans :
using downstream caching eg: net provider serve and local
system cache)
58)    What is data cache?
59)    How can i get the value from cache?
60)    If i want insert record in database tell me the steps?
61)    Diff between authentication and authorization?
62)    How to authenticate user in
63)     Types of authorizations?
64)    Explain the three types of authorizations?
65)    How iis uses the windows authentication?
66)    What is forms authentication?
67)    What is impersonation?
68)    What is default impersonation in
69)    What is interface?
70)    Usage of interface?
71)    What is abstract?
72)    Interface methods are public and protected? Is it right?
73)    What is protected?
74)    What is polymorphism?
75)    Diff between overloading and overriding?
76)    How to restrict my class to inherited?
77)    How to restrict my class to create object?
78)    What is delegate?
79)    What is thread?
80)    What are the objects?
81)    Difference between forms authentication and windows authentication?
Side why windows authentication is more secured when compare to forms authentication?

1)    What is dts?
2)    What is diff between primary key and unique key?
3)    How many primary keys we can create in a single table?
4)    What is index?
5)    Types of index?
6)    How many indexes we can create?
7)    How many clustered indexes we can create? (ans : 1)
8)    How many non clustered indexes we can create?  (ans : 246)
9)    What is stored procedure? Use?
10)    Diff between function and stored procedure?
11)    How can we return a value in stored procedure?
12)    How can we handle error in stored procedure?
13)    Diff between delete and truncate?